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era: 1950s
film & tv
Mole Double Scoops
Mole Ten Light
Pressed Steel Mole 2K Light
Mole Scoop Light

If you require more of an accurate date,
please contact us directly and we will be happy to help with this.

Mole Quad Light
Restored Lollo
TREAD Studio 6 Light
theatre lighting
Pattern 23N
Pattern 23
Pattern 58
Pattern 123 Baby Fresnal
Vintage Par Can
Lita 62
search lights
Bullfinch Road Light
industrial/strip lights/coolies
Aluminium Work Light
Aluminium Flood Light 23inch diam  (2).jpg
Hungarian/Russian Industrial Light
Flood Light #5
Tri Fluorri
Graffiti Subway Trough
Trough Light
Thorne Single T8 Fluorescent Fitting
Single T8 5ft Flourescent Light Fitting
Aluminium Flood Light 23inch diam  (2).jpg
work lights/lanterns/torches
Lantern #10
Lantern #11
Lantern #13
Lantern #32
Torch #5
bulkheads/wall mounted
Super Slim Flood
Medical Light
medical lights
Curtain Winder 1951
props & backstage dressing
Vintage Ormand Hairdryer
Vintage Fire Blanket
Caged Trolley
Desk Lamp #23
table lamps
desk lamp #25
Desk Lamp Art 122
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