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New in 2022
More Lights Coming! To Be added soon
Factory Bulkhead
Grey Triple Fluorri 4ft
Benjamin Flood (13).JPG
Black Atlas Work Light (10).JPG
Small Rectangular Phased Disco Light (1).JPG
Small Square Phased Disco Light (14).JPG
Semi Circle Phased Disco Light (13).JPG
Fal Disco Lights
Art Deco Bulkead
Large Yellow Factory loading light
Large Green Factory Anglepoise
Patt 293
Pat 808
Large Yellow Factory Bulkhead
Small Spot lights
Fire Exit Sign Large
Fire Exit sign Small
Coat Hook Rail
Coat Hook Rail Small
Period Paint Brush Case
Period Paint Kettles
Early Electric Iron
Period Suitcases
Period Music Stand
Early Portable Control Board
Twin T5 5ft Flourri
Vintage Timers
Yellow Work Lights
Period Telephone
Period Trestle Table
Period Speaker
Vintage Curtain Winder
Prompt Desk Stage Managers Desk (2).jpg
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