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era: 1980s
film & tv
Berkey Colortran
Arri Zap Light
2K Caster
Strand Mizar Spotlight

If you require more of an accurate date,
please contact us directly and we will be happy to help with this.

Quartzcolour Polaris 1KW Spotlight
Quartzcolor Bambino 2KW Light
Berkley Colortran Mini-Pro
Century Spotlight
Lowel Omni Light
industrial/strip lights/coolies
Yellow Atlas Light
Caged Trough 5ft
Twin T5 5ft Flourri
Flourescent Work Light
work lights/torches
Torch #2
Torch #6
Torch #7
Torch #9
Torch #15
Torch #16
Torch #23
Video Phone
Office Phone
Stereo Hawaii MK.111 DJ Console
Cat Lamp
table lamps
Turbo Wind Tunnel Fan
backstage dressing
Counterfeit Money UV Detector
80's Disco Lights
disco lights
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