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Scientific Model
Scientific Model
Slide Projector
Period Fire Extinguishers
Curtain Winder 1951
Early Tea Urn
Thunder Sheet
Urn American 120
Urn American 120 Chrome
Photographic Enlarger
Large Wind Sound Effect Machine
Galvanised Storage
Period Wooden File Box
Bulb Storages
control boards/effects
Buxton Lighting Board
Stage Managers Prompt Desk
Strand Dimmer
Colour Wheel
Effects Wheels
Period Electrical Control Box
MS Machines
Electrical Control Box
Period Electrical Box
Cue Light System JPG
Beers, Wines & Spirits Sign
Traffic Light #1
Stop Sign
Exit Sign
Exit Sign #2
studio recording lights
Studio Recording Lights #3
Studio Recoding Light #2
Studio Recoding Light #1
Recording Studio Light.JPG
Bakelite Telephone wall mounted 1930's
Period Telephones
Black Period Telephones.JPG
Vintage Backstage Phone
Black Rotary Dial Telephone
Period Rotary Dial Phone
Vintage Work Bench
Copy 2 of Early Carpenters Bench
Copy 2 of Work Bench #2
Early Work Bench
Greek Chairs
PA Tannoy Speaker
Large Red Speaker
PA Tannoy Speaker
PA Tannoy Speaker
Copy of Tannoy Speakers #2
PA Tannoy Wall Speakers.jpg
Fans Giant.JPG
Red Fan _DSC9322.JPG
FAN Floor Standing Black.JPG
Fan Floor Standing Chrome JPG
Wooden Laddrs Various
Ladder #1
Ladder #5
Ladder #9
Stepladder wooden.jpeg
Small Wooden Period Step Ladder
Ladder #2
Ladder #6
Ladder #3
Ladder #7
Ladder #10
Rope Ladder
Ladder #4
Ladder #8
Small Ladder #2
Small Ladder #1
Wooden Trestles
Rostra Wooden Period
Copy 2 of Road Trunk #4
Copy 2 of Trunk #1
Copy 2 of Suitcase Small #1
Road Trunk #2
Old Suitcases
Copy 2 of Metal Trunk #3
Road Trunk #1
Road Trunk #3
Vintage Case
Vintage Mill Cart
Wooden Tea Chest
Crate 1940
Period Large Wicker Basket on Wheels
Wooden Box Blue
Wooden Crate
Red Crate
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