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Backstage Dressing
Various Brooms
Caged Trolley
Small Trolley
Blue Caged Trolley
Ladder #5
Ladder #9
Ladder #6
Ladder #7
Ladder #8
Ladder #10
Coat Hook Rail Small
Period Paint Brush Case
Period Paint Kettles
Vintage Iron
Period Bounce Board (1).JPG
Period Suitcases
Period Music Stand
Early Portable Control Board
Vintage Timers
Period Speaker
Period Trestle Table
Prompt Desk Stage Managers Desk
Vintage Curtain Winder
Turbo Wind Tunnel Fan
Vintage Voltage Convertor
Bakelite Switches
Counterfeit Money UV Detector
Vintage Work Bench
Early Work Bench
Wooden Work Bench
Road Trunk #1
Trunk #2
Wooden Crate
Vintage Mill Cart
Work Bench #2
Early Carpenters Bench
Road Trunk #2
Road Trunk #3
Road Trunk #4
Trunk #1
Suitcase Small #1
Ballot Box
Metal Trunk #3
Red Crate
Wooden Box Blue
Period Telephone
Black Period Telephones.JPG
Black Rotary Dial Telephone
Bakelite Telephone wall mounted 1930's
Period Telephones
Period Rotary Dial Phone
Vintage Backstage Phone
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