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era: 1930s

If you require more of an accurate date,
please contact us directly and we will be happy to help with this.

film & tv
Restored Repro 10k Brute Arc Light
Cast Black 5K Light
Black Mole 10K
Mole 5K Pressed Steel
Caged Skypan 2K Light
Arri 10K Light
Burgandy Mole 2K Light
Blue Mole 2K Light
Mole 1K Silver Light
Mole Pressed Pup Light
Gruber Light
Patt 76 Acting Area Lantern
theatre lighting
Gruber 500W
Pattern 60 MK 1 500W
Pattern 43 Focus Spot
Pattern 50A Pageant
1K Wing tower
500w Wing Tower
S Batten 12ft
Footlight - Star
Light Up EXIT Sign #1
Light Up EXIT Sign #2
Pattern 49A Flood 1K
Reich and Vogel 36
S Batten 6ft
Single Strand Footlight
search lights
Patt 50A Pageant Light
Copy 2 of Scratch Built Light
Tilley Road Light
GEC 1K Flood
GES Work Light
Duoflux Floodlight
Heavy Floodlight
Copy of Industrial Wall Light
Scoop Lamp 30cm Diam
Wall Mounted Enamel Coolie Green
Military Work Light
work lights/lanterns/torches
work light #3
Copy of Inspection Lamp #1
Copy of Jupiter Work Light
Lantern #2
Lantern #3
Lantern #15
Lantern #21
Lantern #31
Torch #12
Torch #18
bulkheads/wall mounted
Early Darkroom Light
Twin Incandescent Lamp
Tungsten Picture Light
Mannequin Girl
Hose Reel
Extension Lead
Early Portable Distribution Box
Bakelite Telephone wall mounted 1930's
Gold Side Plum Theatre Seats
theatre seats
Chandelier Saint Stephens Gold
Chandelier Saint Stephens Black
desk lamp #24
table lamps
Chrome/Brass Lamp
Table Lamp
domestic lighting
backstage dressing
Early Portable Control Board
Vintage Timers
Period Trestle Table
Period Speaker
Bakelite Switches
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