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era: 1960s
film & tv
Pattern 243 Film Light
GEC Quin Light
ReadHead Flood Light

If you require more of an accurate date,
please contact us directly and we will be happy to help with this.

Pattern 23N MK2
theatre lighting
Pattern 264
Pattern 45 Focus Spot
Pattern 252
Pattern 243
Pattern 743/223
search lights
Miniture Parcan
Par 36 work Light
Czech Work Light
industrial/strip lights
Flame Proof Luminere
Lantern #16
work lights/lanterns/torches
Lantern #17
Lantern #19
Lantern #20
Lantern #26
Lantern #30
Torch #1
Torch #3
Torch #11
Torch #17
Torch #19
Pifco Torch
bulkheads/wall mounted
Ellipse Light
pendants & festoons
Photographic Enlarger
Stage Managers Prompt Desk
Black Rotary Dial Telephone
Vintage Leak Speakers
Anglepoise Grey
anglepoise/table lamps
Marble Lamp
domestic lighting
Spotlight #4
Aluminium Twin Spot
backstage dressing
Small Trolley
Blue Caged Trolley
Disco Speakers (1).JPG
disco lights
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