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era: 1970s

If you require more of an accurate date,
please contact us directly and we will be happy to help with this.

theatre lighting
CCT Silhouette 1K
CCT Silhouette 15
CCT Silhouette 2
Pattern 750
Pattern 764
Parblazer Strand
Sintesi Spotlight
Aluminium Spot
search lights
Crime Scene Searchlight
Black Atlas Light (5).JPG
industrial/strip lights
Atlas Work Light
Westair Service Lamp
Double DDS 5ft
4ft Twin T8 Fluorescent Light Fitting
work lights/lanterns/torches
Copy of AOL Lamp
Lantern #14
Lantern #18
Lantern #33
Torch #8
Torch #10
Torch #13
Torch #20
bulkheads/wall mounted
Large Pendant
pendants & festoons
Flying Saucer Pendant
Copy of Gel Box
Urn American 120
Urn American 120 Chrome
Pneumatic Drill
Studio Recording Lights #3
LED Plastic Anglepoise
anglepoise/table lamps
desk lamp #26
Desk Light
Clip on Desk Light Brown
Chrome Ball Lamp
Spotlight #3
domestic lighting
Spotlight #5
Spotlight #6
Spotlight #7
Amateur 70's Disco Lights
Disco Lights Small
disco lights
Small Rectangular Phased Disco Light (1).JPG
Small Square Phased Disco Light (9).JPG
Rectangular Phased Disco Light Pair
Fal Disco Lights
Semi Circle Phased Disco Light (13).JPG
Infinity Disco Light
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