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era: 1940s
film & tv
GEC Cyc Flood 500W
Mole Nine Light
Mole Twister MK1 Double Light
Pattern 149 Light

If you require more of an accurate date,
please contact us directly and we will be happy to help with this.

Blue Mole Super Pup Light
Mole Super Pup Green Light
Furse 2K Black Light
Furse 1K Flood Light
Hewitt Baby Streamline
Furse Flood 1k
theatre lighting
Pattern 60
Furse CYC Flood
Pattern 137
Footlight - Strand 6ft
Dewalco Regal Spotlight
Furse Flood Blue
Furse Flood
Pattern 237
Old Strand Footlight 6ft
search lights
Maritime Search Light
Vehicle Mounted Search Light
Francis Search Light
Benjamin Flood Light
industrial/strip lights/coolies
Vintage Runway Light
Flood Light #6
Black Double Fluorri
Smithlite Green Trough
Hungarian Trough Light
Copy of Port and Starboard Lights
work lights/lanterns
Trolley Work Light
Hurricane Lantern #4
Hurricane Lantern #5
Lantern #12
Lantern #27
bulkheads/wall mounted
Bulkhead Martime Caged Domed
Pete Light (42).JPG
Copy of Bulkhead #2
Copy of Bulkhead #3
Bulkhead Navigation Light
Wall Mounted First Aid Box
Large Red Speaker
Blue & Grey Theatre Seats
theatre seats
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