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New in 2023
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Fan Style Footlights
Candle Wing Length
TREAD Umbrella Light Floral
White Fabric Umbrella Light (204).JPG
Baby Anglepoise
desk lamp #29
Desk Lamp #23
Smith-Victor Light
Anglepoise #27
Desk Lamp #30
desk lamp #24
desk lamp #25
desk lamp #26
desk lamp #28
Desk Lamp #31
​Desk Lamp #32
Bakelite Baby Spot
Lita 62
copper & silver pendant lights  (3).JPG
silver pendant light
Scalloped Lighting Pendant
glass pendant light
strand single footlight
reich & vogel flood
Early French Flood Light
Par 36
Lantern #33
Vintage Voltage Convertor
Bakelite Switches
Counterfeit Money UV Detector
4ft Wing Length
Light Up EXIT Sign #2
Industrial Reflective Shade
Giant Shell Footlights
EP light on stand
Light Up EXIT Sign #1
Holophane Adjustable Flood
Turbo Wind Tunnel Fan
Mole Soft Light
Large Red Speaker
Photographic Light #16
Medical Light
Grey Medical Light
Large Medical Light
Retro Green Clock
candelabra light
Novelty Lamp
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