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Bunch Light Medium
Reich and Voget Horizon Flood
Pattern 23N
Gruber 500W
Pattern 60
Furse CYC Flood
Davis Brothers Light
Pattern 43 Focus Spot
De Walco Focus Spot 1K
Pattern 123 Baby Fresnal
Pattern 743/223
Wing Tower 1K
Old Strand Footlight 6ft
Footlight Early Cell
Miniture Parcan
Limelight Small Black Repro
Lime Light Repro
Fan Style Footlights
Early French Flood Light
 Early Mirrored Theatre Light
Theatre Lighting
Bunch Light Large
Unique Pattern 36
Patt 76 Acting Area Lantern
Ghost Light Pendant
Major Horizon Flood
Early Cyc Flood
CCT Silhouette 1K
CCT Silhouette 15
CCT Silhouette 2
Mole Super Pup Green
De Walco Focus Spot
Furse Flood 1k
Pattern 23N MK2
Pattern 23
Pattern 264
Pattern 149
Mole Scoop
Mole Double Scoop
Major Flood
Furse Flood Blue
Furse Flood
Mole Basher
Pattern 137
Pattern 60 MK 1 500W
Pattern 237
Pattern 30 Flood 500W
Pattern 49A Flood 1K
Pattern 44 Focus Spot
Pattern 45 Focus Spot
Pattern 58
Pattern 50A Pageant
Pattern 750
Pattern 764
Pattern 252
Pattern 243
Patt 35 Arena Flood 1K
Reich and Vogel 36
Parblazer Strand
Sintesi Spotlight
Vintage Par Can
500w Wing Tower
S Batten 12ft
S Batten 6ft
Footlight Single Early Cell
Shell Footlight
Footlight - Strand 6ft
Footlight - Star
Wing Length 8ft
Aparat R15 Limelight
Early Iris Followspot
Limelight Small Square
Early French Theatre Light
Small Square Grey Repro Lime Light
Lita 62
Candle Wing Length
strand single footlight
reich & vogel flood
Giant Shell Footlights
Light Up EXIT Sign #1
Light Up EXIT Sign #2
Major Batten
Furse Batten
Dewalco Regal Spotlight
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